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Sculpt your face with Slimee with these 100% organic and natural ingredients.

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SLIMEE | Mask for oval of the face

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Refines and firms up your face's skin

The SLIMEE mask is designed to refine your facial contours and double chin.


It contains 100% natural ingredients that are gentle on your skin. It will make your skin firmer and softer, and the curve of your face will be smoothed out.

  • Reduces your double chin;
  • Firms up your skin
  • Moisturizes your skin

How to apply it

Wear the SLIMEE mask every day for 30 minutes and you will notice results over the next few weeks.


Take a before and after picture to see your progress.

Important: Please keep the mask in your fridge after using it for 2 weeks and then switch to the second mask.

Suitable for all skin types

The SLIMEE mask has 100% organic, natural ingredients and is suitable for both men and women Our formula is adapted to sensitive skin and won't irritate it.


The SLIMEE  mask is lightweight and comfortable to wear. You can carry out your daily activities while comfortably wearing your mask.

  • 100% Organic and Natural
  • Refines your face
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Suitable for women and men

Why Trust us:

  • Visible results after the first use
  • Tested and approved by dermatologists
  • More than 100'000 Satisfied Customers


The SLIMEE® mask acts according to your body chemistry, so the first results may appear at different times for different people. As a guideline, you should begin to see a difference after two weeks of use. For best results, use the SLIMEE® mask 5 times a week for 30 minutes. Optimal results will be achieved after 2 weeks of use.

The pack contains 2 masks and lasts 1 month, it is reusable after each use keep it in the fridge after use.

The Slimee® Mask is composed of 100% natural and organic ingredients for the skin it contains: vitamin E, Algae, aloe, hydrogel and collagen.

Slimee is highly recommended by beauticians worldwide, and will help you to sculpt your face to perfection in less than 14 days. You will look younger, happier and more confident.

The SLIMEE® mask has been rigorously tested and approved as safe in human clinical trials. As with all cosmetics, please check for allergies to ingredients and consult a doctor before using SLIMEE if you are pregnant or nursing.


How to fight the double chin ?

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